Type and material of wig

Type and material of wig

  • Friday, 29 July 2022
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Wigs are divided into wig sets and wig pieces. 

    The wig cover is a wig worn on the head. It is easy to wear, firm and covers a large area. It is suitable for people with large area of hair loss. The disadvantage is poor air permeability.

    Wig pieces can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, and can be fixed on the surrounding hair with clips, or directly adhered to the scalp of bald area with self-adhesive. It is suitable for people with local baldness. Compared with the wig cover, the hair piece has good air permeability and is more natural.

Texture of material:

Wigs are divided into artificial chemical fiber and human hair according to the material of hair.

Man made chemical fiber

Artificial chemical fiber refers to the chemical fiber silk collectively referred to in the wig industry, which refers to the chemical fiber material synthesized by the chemical "drawing" or "blowing" process. It is similar to the wig silk of human hair, and is a supplement to the raw materials of human hair. The more famous ones are Kanekalon and toyokalon in Japan. PP material (also known as P material, i.e. polypropylene fiber) was the cheapest one used more in the early stage.

Synthetic filaments mainly include: Normal temperature filaments, high temperature filaments, protein filaments and other common categories; It can be subdivided into domestic silk, Japanese silk, Korean silk and so on according to its different origins; According to the different degree of reflection, it can also be divided into ordinary silk and matte silk.

Normal temperature silk: Normal temperature silk is generally used as a filling material in human hair products, which can effectively reduce the cost of human hair products. But the disadvantages are also obvious: it is easy to deform, difficult to take care of, not resistant to high temperature, and belongs to inflammables. However, wigs made of pure normal temperature silk are also available on the market. Because of their low price, they were also popular in the early days, but the shortcomings of products made of normal temperature silk are also obvious: poor fidelity, which is not conducive to care and preservation; They are basically disposable products, so they have been phased out in recent years.

High temperature wire: Compared with normal temperature wire, high temperature wire has a great improvement in high temperature resistance. Theoretically, it will not deform high temperature wire if it does not exceed 160 ℃ (in practical application, according to the different manufacturing process of high temperature wire, the theoretical high temperature resistance temperature is between 100 ℃ ~160 ℃). Under the control of temperature, it can be ironed, easy to take care of and save, and the fidelity is also greatly improved compared with normal temperature silk. Therefore, in recent years, many wig products on the market are made of high-temperature Silk raw materials (materials). Of course, the price is higher than that of normal temperature silk.

Protein silk: With the development of wig industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for products, and low-end products can no longer meet the needs of customers, so there is protein silk, a higher quality raw material. Compared with normal temperature silk and high temperature silk, protein silk has achieved a further degree of fidelity. It is a raw material that is closest to human hair in hand feel and fidelity so far, and is often used in the production of high-end wigs. So the price will be more expensive than the first two.

In the continuous development process of synthetic filaments, an upgraded product different from ordinary filaments has been derived: flame-retardant filaments. The difference between flame-retardant filaments and ordinary filaments is that ordinary chemical filaments are easy to burn and become lumpy after ignition, while flame-retardant filaments are not easy to burn and become powdery after ignition, which reduces the use risk, but because of its high cost, it has not been widely used.

Human hair

According to different regions, human hair can be mainly divided into: Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnamese hair, Mongolian hair, etc. Because of its material, it can be ironed and dyed, which is easy to preserve, but the production of human hair is limited, and the price of human hair products is slightly more expensive.

The main difference between human hair in various regions lies in the quality and curvature of hair. Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, Myanmar hair and Vietnamese hair are all Asian hair, with thick and straight hair. Among them, Chinese hair is the best, while Chinese hair feels smooth and the price is the most expensive. Brazilian Hair and Indian hair are soft in hair quality and slightly curved. They are suitable for European and American Hairstyles and are mostly used for hair reception, of which Brazilian hair is the best.

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  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2022

    Benefits of wearing wigs:

    1. Modify the face shape and change the shape. This is the most basic function of wigs. It can decorate our hair and change our hair style. Changing hair style is simple and convenient, saving time. Some girls with big faces often cleverly cover their faces with wigs.

    2. Cover the original hair color and change the hair color. Some young people have just dyed conspicuous hair, but they need to temporarily change their hair color on important occasions, or some girls want to change several colors, but frequent perm dyeing is bad for their health, so they can use wigs to achieve the effect.

    3. Hold your broken hair to avoid embarrassment. Wigs can also solve the problem of more broken hair. Wear a wig, the original hair will be covered, and there will be no problem of broken hair.

    4. It can avoid the damage to the hair quality caused by perm, hair dyeing and hair pulling. You can save the cost of making hair style and bleaching and dyeing hair in the hair salon and reduce expenses.

    5. Wigs can be changed at will to avoid the damage to hair quality caused by frequent haircuts in barber shops. You can try a variety of different hairstyle designs and match different fashions. Therefore, wearing wigs is increasingly popular.

    6. Although wigs are good, if they are not used properly, they will backfire. I hope everyone can make proper use of wigs and do not use them in improper ways. For example, it is very bad for some people to frighten people by pretending to be ghosts with wigs.

    Precautions for wearing wigs:

    Wearing wigs generally does not cause allergies, but those who are physically sensitive had better not wear them. In addition, wigs will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If people who originally suffered from skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema wear wigs, their condition may be aggravated, and they should not wear them until the skin diseases are completely cured. In addition, it is hot in summer, and wearing wigs is not conducive to sweating. Therefore, when choosing wigs, wearers should choose wigs with good quality, preferably with breathable nets, and should not wear them for a long time.

    How can girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First of all, you should cover your hair with a hood to avoid exposing your hair, especially bangs. If you use wigs, you should pay attention to the color consistent with your real hair, and don't get out of line.

    Wigs should be combed with a comb to remove the dust and hair stuck on the wig, and they must be cleaned regularly. After the wig is cleaned, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a hair dryer or dry it naturally on a bracket, which is not only conducive to health, but also can prolong the service life of the wig.

    When collecting wigs, they should also be washed and placed on the support to avoid folding.

  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2022

    What many people don't know is that not everyone is suitable for wearing wigs. Some people wear wigs easily to damage their bodies. Wigs can improve your appearance, but the following groups of people are better not to wear wigs, because the effect is not good and the body is injured. We should pay more attention

    First of all, if you have hair loss, you'd better not wear a wig. For girls, a thick and soft hair is also one of the manifestations of high appearance value. Unfortunately, we can not avoid hair loss in many times. Hair loss within the normal range is a natural law, but if hair loss is serious, we must be vigilant.

    Once this kind of problem occurs, don't rely on wigs because they can make your hair look large. This is just self deception. Moreover, wearing too many wigs will aggravate the hair loss problem! In addition, if you don't have hair loss, but you find that the amount of hair loss is obviously large after wearing a wig, you'd better stop wearing a wig. This is a warning from your body. If you don't pay more attention, it will be too late to regret when the situation becomes more and more serious.

    Secondly, some people's skin is sensitive and prone to oil, and the scalp and face often explode with red and swollen pimples. In this case, it is not recommended to wear wigs. The quality of wigs on the market is uneven. It is difficult for us to judge which is good and which is bad. Buying a low-quality wig is a great harm to the skin.

    In addition, girls with oily scalp had better not wear wigs, especially when the weather is hot, they should stay away from wigs. This is because the oily scalp is prone to oil and sweat. If you wear a heavy wig, you will be more likely to sweat. You can imagine how bad your experience will be if you still wear a thick, airtight wig when your scalp is greasy and sweaty. Wigs are likely to make you emit a strange smell, and also damage your scalp and hair.

    Finally, if you have a lot of hair, you'd better avoid wearing wigs as much as possible. On the one hand, it is because it has too much hair. If you wear a wig again, it will appear that your head is bigger and looks clumsy. It lacks the delicate feeling you want. On the other hand, because of the large amount of hair and thick hair, it is easy to sweat when wearing a wig, which is sticky and uncomfortable.

  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2022

    Wearing a wig is also learned, wearing a good half the effort, wearing not to make a fool of yourself. So I will explain the wearing of wigs, washing and maintenance knowledge, so that you can learn how to make wigs better for you from the beginning.


    Wig selection:

    1. Choose a thin, breathable liner for your wig.

    2. The size of the wig should be appropriate, and the location of the wigs should be exactly consistent with their own sideburns

    3. Match your skin tone to make the wig feel comfortable.

    4. Non-professional personnel of simulation hair products should not use hair dryer to avoid hair damage.

    The wearing of wigs has nothing to do with their hair style or hair color, so anyone can try wearing wigs. Fashionable wig serves as the gens new force of hairdressing articles. No matter long hair, black hair, red hair, as long as wearing a wig and clothing, makeup harmonious match, will make you increase the beauty and confidence.


    How to wear wig products

    1 will wig bangs ahead of time, two ears with the thumb and ring finger pinched, index finger and middle finger fixed elastic, from front to back will wig wear.

    2. Adjust your wig to the best condition, with your ears aligned and the front edge of the net aligned with your forehead hairline, until the wig fits your head perfectly and there is no tightening or loosening sensation.

    3. Use a comb to create your desired hairstyle. Insert the comb diagonally into your hair, turn it outward to increase volume and volume, and flick the ends of your hair with your fingers for a more natural look.

    4. According to the different products, you can pick out your bangs, hair and sideburns with a sharp tail comb, so that your wig and your hairstyle can be completely integrated into the best place to wear the wig

    When choosing a wig, the first step is to make the size of the wig equal to the head circumference of the wearer. Too small pressure, affect the blood circulation of the head, resulting in headache, dizziness and other phenomena; Too large, lack of security, on the basis of the appropriate model, depending on the width of the forehead, it will be worn in an appropriate position. Wide forehead, the court is longer, when wearing the edge of the wig slightly down, with a certain amount of hair curtain as a foil; Narrow FOREHEAD, GO UP COURT SHORTER, WHEN MATCH WEARS, THE EDGE OF WIG IS SLIGHTLY UPWARD, BUT UNFAVORABLE TOO UPWARD, LEAVE A FEW HAIR SHADE TO MAKE FOIL.


    Washing method of wig products

    1. Comb the hair before washing (gradually dredge the hair from the end, otherwise it may damage the hair).

    2. Turn the cap over before washing.

    3. Pour an appropriate amount of neutral shampoo into warm water (about 20°C) and stir well. Soak the product in water for 5 minutes, rub it gently and rinse with water.

    4. Pour proper amount of hair conditioner into warm water and stir well. Then soak the product in water for 10 minutes and rinse it with clean water.

    5. Gently beat the water with a towel, or gently shake off the water and comb the hair naturally, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

    6. Finish the product after the hair is completely dry.


    How to maintain wigs

    1. The combing should be light. Wig cover should be combed before use, after wearing a wig cover to comb slightly on it. Comb wig generally choose sparse comb is better, comb hair to use oblique combing method, can not be straight comb, and the action should be light.

    2. Don't use bobby pins. Some people like to hold their wigs in bobby pins to prevent the wind from blowing them off. However, don't clamp your hair too hard. Otherwise, easy to hook bad wig net cover. Accordingly, HAD BETTER NOT USE HAIRPIN, CAN USE ADORNMENT SEX HAIR BAND TO FASTEN HAIR ON WIG.

    3. Do not twist with hands when washing. Often wear hair cover, generally two or three months washing is appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and then rinse it with a diluted conditioner solution. Cut can not be wrung with both hands, but can not wash the false foam in the washing liquid. And APPLY BOTH HANDS gently THE foam above THE DIRECTION OF smooth HAIR silk to drift net, AIR dries NEXT, AVOID by all MEANS INSOLATE BELOW THE SUN.

  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2022

    How to wear the headband:

    Hair band in the past are basically used to fix the hair, but now more is used to decorate, can let a person's overall spirit and temperament can have a better change, next let's see how to wear hair band.



    Method 3:1. Put a cute half ball braid on the top of your head. 2



    Do headbands cause your hairline to move back:

    Long-term use of hair bands may have some effect on the hairline, because in the process of long-term use, too much pressure on the scalp, which causes the hairline to move back. Generally speaking, a short time of wearing will not lead to a high hairline, hair loss is mainly due to the influence of their own constitution.

    Bald head if need, also can wear a headband, if it is a boy can choose sports headband, if it is a girl can choose wide headband. The headband itself can be used to hold the hair in place, but with more and more styles of headband, the range of use is increasing.


    Choice of hair band:

    Hair with wide and narrow headbands. There are many styles to choose from, such as silk, silk, cotton and linen, leather, and imported resin. They all have their own characteristics. But the overall style is long and wide, flowing and stylish. There are also some simple headbands, just two narrow pieces of cotton and linen string, with a few small bows at the top of the head as decoration.


    Skin color is darker, choose milky white, pink hair band will appear charming; If you have a fair complexion, a brown or blue headband will look elegant. Want to appear gentle and elegant, then hair band and dress take the same color department, for example, if the dress is goose yellow, hair band appropriate with coffee; If the EXPRESSION is enthusiastic and unrestrained, appropriate USES COMPARATIVE color, IF navy blue suit skirt MATCHES BRIGHT RED HAIR band.


    Don't change the color of the headband if your outfit is flowery. If the clothing color is relatively simple, simple and elegant, you can choose to compare jumping colors or patterns, of course, it is best to have a response with other accessories, such as belts or bags or shoes.

  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2022

    Use of wig care solution:

    With the popularity of wig slowly also drove the use of a wig detailer, many fake the wearer is also very concerned about how to use a wig detailer, actually wig detailer use method and the use of the hair care liquid is no difference, usual time how we care your hair, wig care fluid used is the same.


    When we comb the wig is the use of wig care solution, the wig has a matching use of non-oily wig care solution, evenly spray the wig care solution before and after the wig on the wig cover, really a wig set of wetting degree to about 80% later can comb the wig smooth.


    The following are to introduce the use of wig care solution:

    1 wig care solution generally spaced two to three days spray once, can make the wig more smooth and beautiful.

    2 wigs in the use of washing before, first from the top to the bottom of the use of coarse teeth soft brush or thin teeth of the wooden comb slowly combing, must first comb the dirt and dust above the wig clean.

    3. Prepare for warm water, the water temperature is about 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, integrate the detergent in warm water, put the wig in warm water, then put the wig on the water soak for 10 minutes, rinse hands slowly, after rinsing, stick with wig on objects with a comb, paying special attention to is that a no-no in water and knead the wig, lest stimulate, or to send.

    4. After soaking, rinse with water to clean the wig, and then soak the wig care essence for ten minutes, and then rinse with water

    5. After rinsing, use a towel to scrub the moisture on the wig slowly, find a ventilated place to hang the wig to dry, and then use curling iron to fix or blow the hair.


    Points for attention:

    Efficacy of wig care solution: 1. Wig care solution contains protein nutrients and active hair care formula, which is very useful for preventing hair from tying and producing static electricity, and can also make hair combing more smooth and smooth. 2, after use, the wig is smooth, more natural, restore luster and elasticity, prevent frizziness. 3, wig care solution after use, easy to comb, anti-static, prolong the service life of wigs.

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